Empower teaches the IMPACT System, which emphasizes realistic scenarios as a means of teaching practical safety skills at all levels.

While this system of training is perhaps best-known for its full-force, full-contact physical self-defense and the padded “suit” worn by male instructors, the focus of all our training is on conflict-resolution and the belief that fighting is a last resort, to be utilized only in worst-case situations where one’s life or safety is at risk.

 The Guy In The Suit


In all of Empower’s classes, the emphasis is on life skills aimed at developing confidence and self-reliance by providing students with practical tools for emotional and physical safety.

We teach:

  • Awareness
  • Verbal boundary-setting with Strangers and with Familiars (people we know)
  • Intervention and advocate strategies
  • Physical self-defense

We offer a variety of programs to schools, organizations, and individuals, tailored for a wide-range of age groups: children, tweens, teens, adult women. We also offer training for those with physical or developmental challenges.


While many students are drawn to our programs because of a desire to stay safe – or to keep their children safe – they often find that the benefits of empowerment training spill over into many areas of their lives.

Among the benefits reported by graduates are:

  • Assertiveness: a willingness to speak up on their own behalf, or as an advocate for others
  • Improved awareness and threat-assessment skills
  • Better interpersonal communication, especially with intimates such as family and co-workers
  • Increased confidence, and less general fear
  • Ability to function while adrenalinized, such as emergency or crisis situations