“Amazing thing to experience.. more people need to have access to this.. we need this in our school”

Teen Workshop Graduate, Jackson WY

We Need This In Our School

“I feel more prepared and more confident”

Teen Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

More Prepared And More Confident

“I already notice such a big difference in one night”

Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

Such A Big Difference In One Night

“This workshop gave me a lot of confidence”

Teen Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

Gave Me A Lot Of Confidence

“I liked that we could ask all of our questions”

Teen Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

We Could Ask All Our Questions

“The instructors created an environment that encouraged participation, without fear of embarrassment”

Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY



Participation Without Fear Of Embarrassment

“I feel a lot more confident, especially with the verbal boundary-setting”

Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY


I Feel A Lot More Confident

“I loved being hands-on and having verbal confrontations with a real person”

Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

I Loved Being Hands-On

“These workshops are more than just self-defense; it is self-awareness and a sense of confidence that our young people desperately need.”

CPO, Boys & Girls Club of the Big Horns

More Than Just Self Defense

“You have an amazing and very necessary program.”

Girl Scout Leader, Sheridan Girl Scout Troop

Amazing Kids Program

“The students get so much out of the role plays and hands on experience that Empower Wyoming provides.”

Counselor, Clear Creek Middle School, Buffalo WY

The Students Get So Much

“EVERY woman should take this class – no matter what age”

Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

Every Woman Should Take This

“It far exceeded my expectations and I was very impressed with the professionalism, efficiency, and content of the class.”

Workshop Graduate, Buffalo WY

It Far Exceeded My Expectations

“Above and beyond what I expected! Every woman needs to do this”

Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY


Above And Beyond What I Expected

After working with Empower Wyoming the teens in our 4-H program were more confident about recognizing when and how to set boundaries as they worked with younger kids during 4-H Camp. This led to a dramatic decrease in behavioral incidents among the younger 4-Hers. Definitely training that we will use again and again!

Jessica Gladson, Campbell County 4-H

Empower and Our 4H Teens

“I just wanted to let you know WOW what a class!! It was very enlightening and really made me realize that I am not as comfortable in a verbal confrontation as I thought I was, I always thought I could wing something like that . . . I guess when I looked into all of this my only purpose was to learn for my job, but doing the roles really made me think of my past as well . . . maybe the healing will really begin instead of being swept under a rug. Thank You so very much for everything you do!!!”

Workshop Graduate, Buffalo WY

Wow, What A Class

Teen Graduates of Empower Wyoming (Devan)

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