It is the vision of Empower Wyoming to offer the most effective personal safety training for children.  To this end, we recruit adult volunteers who share that vision and are willing to learn and practice the necessary skills to become effective trainers.

Our Kids Ambassadors are trained to provide realistic role-plays in order to teach children effective boundary-setting skills.

  • Role-plays are adapted appropriately for each age group.
  • Workshops are offered within schools, during after-school programs, and for other children’s groups or organizations.


kids programs

“It’s easier to build up a child than repair an adult”



Empower seeks out adults who have:

  • A good heart
  • Enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • Good communication skills and a willingness to work as part of our team

Those adults must then:

  • Complete an Application and Volunteer Agreement
  • Agree to abide by our Abuse Prevention & Response Policy
  • Submit to an FBI Background Check
  • Attend Empower training’s before participating in our workshops for kids



Ambassadors are trained to provide realistic role-plays in order to teach children effective boundary-setting skills.  Role-plays are adapted to the age group of each workshop and include:

  • empower-staff-and-kidsStrangers: kids practice awareness, plus verbal and physical strategies in scenarios with people they don’t know.
  • Familiars: The sad truth is that children are most often assaulted or abused by someone they know. So our Ambassadors role-play a “familiar” (a relative, teacher, coach, neighbor, peer, friend). Kids practice setting verbal boundaries and how to stay firm even if the Familiar responds with hurt feelings, anger or defensiveness, bribes, or even threats.
  • Bully Intervention: Ambassadors act out bully scenarios while kids practice options for bystander intervention.
  • Physical Self-Defense: Simple, effective physical skills are taught using pads or Empower’s suited instructors. The physical portion of the workshop is reserved for the end, and can be withheld if students fail to demonstrate that they will be responsible with this training. Students are individually required to make a solemn promise to use these techniques only in a situation where their life or safety is at risk. Ultimately, the self-defense training adds a fun & empowering coda to the workshop.




Once we have a pool of trained Ambassadors in a community, Empower can then offer a variety of personal safety and boundary-setting workshops, tailored to fit within a school or organization’s needs and schedule.  Some examples of our kids programs include:



  • Clear Creek Middle School, Buffalo WY: Boundary-setting role-plays with the entire 6th Grade, plus gender-specific workshops with 8th Grade students to prepare them for high school
  • Cloud Peak Elementary School, Buffalo WY: Stranger & Familiar workshops with the entire 3rd Grade
  • Buffalo Christian Academy, Buffalo WY: Age-appropriate workshops for their students, ranging from ages 4-to-13
  • Big Horn WY: Life Skills workshops for High School Seniors that included Empowers full-force, full-contact physical self-defense



  • Sheridan WY: boundary-setting workshops with Daisy & Girl Scout troops
  • Gillette WY: Leadership training for 4-H Teens
  • Fort Washakie WY: boundary-setting workshops with kids & staff at the Shoshone Boys & Girls Club

Don't Classes Like This Scare Kids?

We present the information in a positive, problem-solving manner. We pose “what if?” situations, then provide children with solutions and options, then let them practice those options. Most children report that they have fun in the workshops, and many ask when they can do it again!

Contact us about creating a Kids Ambassador program in your community!