Empower strives to end violence through personal safety training which teaches individuals to be more self-reliant, increases their self-esteem, and imparts practical self-defense skills.


Empower envisions a safe world in which resources for sexual assault survivors no longer exist, because such services are no longer required.


Empower Personal Safety, Inc., is a  501(c)3 non-profit organization, doing business as Empower Wyoming.


Founded as Empower Wyoming in July 2010, Empower provides self-defense training based on the IMPACT system. IMPACT is a personal safety, assertiveness and self-defense training program with chapters around the world.

Students learn through realistic scenarios: role-playing situations with stranger and familiar assailants, plus full-contact adrenalized fighting. Instructors wear body armor custom-designed for this type of training.

A former instructor with IMPACT Personal Safety in Los Angeles, Empower Personal Safety’s Founder and Executive Director Francine Russell, brings more than 25 years of experience to this business.