EMPOWER WYOMING strives to end violence through personal safety training, teaching individuals to be more self-reliant, increasing their self-esteem, and imparting practical self-defense skills.

The pandemic of sexual violence affects nearly half of all women and at least 20% of men, most of whom are victimized before the age of 18. The damage and effects can ripple throughout a victim’s life – depression, substance abuse, suicide.

Empower’s programs are based upon the IMPACT system, which began as a rape prevention program in the 1970s and is known for its adrenalized physical fighting. Empower instructors don customized padded suits, offering students a unique hands-on, empowering experience. The confidence gained from physical defense spills over into verbal role-plays, where students practice boundary-setting with Strangers as well as Familiars – people that they know.

Since its original inception, the program has expanded to include sexual assault prevention training for children and teens with an emphasis on healthy boundary-setting. The techniques can accommodate students with physical or developmental disabilities.

At Empower, our Focus is on the Prevention of Violence and Abuse

Among the issues that come under this umbrella of prevention:

  • All forms of sexual assault, including rape, molestation and incest
  • Domestic violence
  • Stalking
  • Bullying
  • Sexual harassment
  • Verbal & emotional abuse

Empower Instructor Stormy Says You Are Enough!

Empower Personal Safety provides effective real-world skills to help avoid and heal from sexual assault. Students include children, teens, adult women, those with disabilities, and Native American communities where assault rates for women are often 100%.

Graduates of our programs often report an increase in confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness that spills over into other aspects of their lives. They feel more comfortable setting boundaries on every level: with a pushy salesperson or an overbearing boss or an abusive family member.

We love hearing these stories, because we as staff have often experienced the same benefits from Empower’s training. And seeing lives transformed – our own, as well as those of students – is what feeds our passion for this work.

Adhering to the credo there’s no good substitute for doing it, Empower possesses the expertise and the programs to combat sexual violence on many levels.

We are a grassroots, face-to-face, boots-on-the-ground organization that equips students with confidence-building, hands-on empowerment tools:

  • Adrenalized Physical Self Defense
  • De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution
  • Awareness
  • Role Play Interventions
  • Boundary-Setting
  • “Amazing thing to experience.. more people need to have access to this.. we need this in our school”

    Teen Workshop Graduate, Jackson WY

    We Need This In Our School
  • “I feel more prepared and more confident”

    Teen Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

    More Prepared And More Confident
  • “I already notice such a big difference in one night”

    Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

    Such A Big Difference In One Night
  • “This workshop gave me a lot of confidence”

    Teen Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

    Gave Me A Lot Of Confidence
  • “I liked that we could ask all of our questions”

    Teen Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

    We Could Ask All Our Questions
  • “The instructors created an environment that encouraged participation, without fear of embarrassment”

    Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY



    Participation Without Fear Of Embarrassment
  • “I feel a lot more confident, especially with the verbal boundary-setting”

    Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY


    I Feel A Lot More Confident
  • “I loved being hands-on and having verbal confrontations with a real person”

    Workshop Graduate, Sheridan WY

    I Loved Being Hands-On